Mix Tapes: Production Notes

Mix Tapes From My Mom

Written and Performed by Cory Wojcik

Directed/Dramaturge: Trish Cooper


  • Vito De Stefano- Guitar
  • Ashleigh Gray- Keys/Vocals
  • Frank Manicone- Bass/Vocals
  • XJ Xue- Drums

Sound/Lights/Video/Marketing: Paul Little

Stage Manager: Fraz Wiest

Venue and Marketing: Sal Infantino, Stef Infantino

This production would not be possible without the generous support of:

  • Gail Asper
  • The Manitoba Association of Playwrights
  • Lesley Hughes
  • Shelley Webster
  • Darren and Debbie Hunter
  • Debbie Maslowsky

Special thanks:

Cory Wojcik’s family and dear friends; Sal, Stef and all the staff at X-Cues; Sam, Cooper and Isaac for giving me Trish all those rehearsals; Mariam Bernstein, Krista Jackson, Odette Graziella, Leslie and Geoff Hughes, Alan Wong, Kendra Magnus-Johnston, Dani Sestric, Kevin and Diane Longfield, Fraz Wiest, Crustacea Band, Duncan Cox and Walk and Talk Theatre, The Dean Hunter Band, Damn Straight (Band), Ian Cameron, Freddy Wilson, Cathy Timko, Ingrid Aubrey, Russell Lee Band, Brian Drader, Frank Staff.